• “Kurt Summers is one of the most gifted men I’ve ever met in the field of finance. He has a natural knack for business, and his work ethic is unmatched. Every aspect of Chicago, from our business community to our neighborhoods will be better for his presence in the Treasurer’s office. Grosvenor’s loss is Chicago’s gain.”
    Michael Sacks
    Grosvenor Capital Management
  • “Kurt Summers has the experience, the values, and the integrity we need of everyone who holds public office, I am confident that he will become a vital member of the city’s financial team and help manage the city’s investments effectively, efficiently, and in a way that promotes opportunity for every Chicagoan.”
    Rahm Emanuel
  • “Kurt Summers is a son of this community, I’ve worked with him for years. He is eminently qualified for city treasurer. He’ll do a remarkable job.”
    Bobby Rush
  • “Kurt is a whip-smart and imaginative problem solver. He is thoughtful, focused on results and achieving the highest common good. He also knows that the city of Chicago is at its best when all of its residents are engaged.”
    Andrea Zopp
  • “I witnessed firsthand Kurt’s commitment to service, drive and work ethic when he served as the head of my transition team and then as my Chief of Staff. Coming into office, we faced our toughest challenges around the state of the County’s finances. With Kurt’s help we unanimously passed a balanced budget that solved for a $487 million in deficit in less than two months. Under Kurt’s leadership, we reformed the way the County does business, saving taxpayers over $400 million annually. He left a lasting mark on Cook County government and I have no doubt he will do the same as the Treasurer of the City of Chicago. ” 
    Toni Preckwinkle
    Cook County Board President
  • “I met Kurt Summers on the first day of his senior year at Whitney Young in the math class I taught. From day one, Kurt exhibited incredible character and curiosity about mathematics, investments and community development. I spent many enjoyable hours afterschool discussing the connections of math, finance, and civil leadership. His talents were evident to me as a 16 year-old senior in high school, his reputation was established as a young man and his love of learning is ongoing. I am just thankful that I had the unique opportunity to see the early scholarly years. Those years, in my opinion were the foundation of the stellar reputation he has built as a civic leader today.”
    Greg Mason
    Kurt's HS math teacher