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In December 2016, I was honored to speak at the City Club of Chicago. Inspired by the late Paul Green, I focused my remarks on Rekindling the Spirit of Chicago. I spoke about how Chicago’s spirit is grounded in our sense of community. How we are all connected, and that service is the rent we pay to live on this earth. Chicago is not the murder statistics you read about on the front page of the Wall Street Journal or hear about on the local nightly news. That is not the Chicago that defines us. Chicago’s greatness is its people and how much we care.

This was an occasion for me to celebrate civic leaders, including those I invited to the event to be recognized, who are making a difference in our patchwork of 77 neighborhoods across this city. It was my chance to share how we are reinvesting in our communities that need it most through #Fund77 and the $120 million earned in savings through the work of the Treasurer’s Office. Rekindling the Spirit of Chicago was to make sure you know how dedicated I am to prioritizing economic opportunity for all the people in this city.

Thank you for believing in the spirit of Chicago,