Kurt Summers

City Treasurer Kurt Summers is running unopposed, not yawning this time. Summers is a flat- out winner. A Harvard Business School grad, the man not only has brains, there is something special about this guy, and if you are fortunate enough to meet him, you’d know what I mean.

He’s in charge of investing the city’s money, which can be billions of dollars at times.

Despite running unopposed, he decided to visit all 77 of Chicago’s neighborhoods in 77 days. Dean Alonistiotis, a very impressive individual in his own right, approached me to set up a meeting for him with leaders of the Jewish community. I gave him the names and numbers of various Rabbis and community leaders and they met at the Center for Torah and Chesed, Rabbi Eichenstein’s shul on Devon and Troy.

The meeting was most productive, and there is a short video of it on Facebook.

Summers is young, bright, energetic, and an admirable human being.

Jewish Chicago enthusiastically endorses Kurt Summers for Treasurer of the City of Chicago.