Summers in Humboldt Park for 77 in 77.

Summers in Humboldt Park for 77 in 77


Running with Rauner . . .

Sneed is told:
• Talk ‘em: Gov. Bruce Rauner locked himself in the House chamber in Springfield the past two nights so he could rehearse his speech for his first State of the State address. “Traditionally, governors do it for only one night,” said an informed source.

• Rent ‘em: Rauner and his wife, Diana, are planning to rent a house in Springfield during urgent upcoming renovations at governor’s mansion.

• Dine ‘em: Rauner and his wife have had several private dinners with big Dem guns including Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan and his wife, Shirley; Illinois Senate President John Cullerton and his wife, Pam; and Ald. Ed Burke (14th) and his wife, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke.

• Pay ‘em: Rauner is trying to get a foundation together to help enhance salaries — with 32 percent increases — to attract talented people to come work for his administration and not mind spending time in Springfield.

Rhee spree . . .

Top tip: Sneed hears that Jamie Rhee, who heads the City’s Department of Procurement Services, is emerging as a front-runner for Chicago’s new aviation chief.

• The downside: Rhee has no major aviation experience and a search committee has been pretty much disbanded because the pay isn’t attracting key choices.

• The upside: O’Hare has no major renovations on the table, which might provide Rhee time to catch up on the flight learning curve. Rhee wants the job — big-time. Stay tuned.

All in a Summers day . . .

City Treasurer Kurt Summers, the fiscal wunderkind appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, just finished his trek to 77 communities in 77 days.

• The reason: To set up a new economic plan for each community fitted to its needs.

• The rationale: “Most folks never interacted with the treasurer’s office before and we wanted to get local development going,” Summers said.

• The upshot: Organized community think tanks will conduct monthly calls and quarterly meetings with Summers.

Shock of Schocks!

Washington wags are buzzing after news reports that U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock, who loves hanging out with country-crooning celebs and sports the best abs on Capitol Hill, has splashed the walls of his outer office digs with red paint and “Downton Abbey” decor.

A Sneed inquiry netted this response Tuesday from the fella who answered Schock’s office phone in Washington, D.C.

“The congressman is not available to make a comment and would you like to leave a comment?”

How about: “Blimey! If Lord Grantham were alive, he’d be dead again from the Schock of it all.”

Rapper wives . . .

• Beyonce, who is married to rapper Jay-Z, has just launched a vegan food service with her trainer (natch) called 22 Days Nutrition — based on the idea that vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and non-GMO meals will help you break a bad habit in 21 days.

Can’t wait to see what happens on day 22.

• Meanwhile, rapper Cyhi the Prynce posted a photo of himself, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their daughter North West posing with Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan over the weekend.

Royal wives . . .

Corgi, no more-gi: Now comes word via the Brit tabloid press that Queen Elizabeth has decided to go down to the last corgi.

• Translation: The queen, whose ankles are always encircled by her corgis — which she summons with the call, “Walkie! Walkie!” — has decided she will no longer replace those who die during her final watch because she is 88 and fears tripping over them. The old dear.

Sneedlings . . .

Wednesday’s birthdays: Hannibal Buress, 32; Alice Cooper, 67, and Oscar De La Hoya, 42.