This month, I spoke at the City Club about “A Plan for [all of] Chicago”, and I wanted to make sure you saw the video recap. While I shared that we have made positive strides from a fiscal perspective in Chicago, there are startling statistics that clearly show the tale of two cities that still exists here. Watch this clip below to see the stark differences in factors like household income and poverty level, all depending on one’s race. And tragically compared to the rest of the country, you’ll see how that disparity grows even greater for black and brown folks locally here in Chicago. With so many Chicagoans being left behind, we cannot expect to succeed economically with this as our reality.

As your City Treasurer, I have been leading initiatives to battle this tale of two cities. Watch the extended version of my City Club talk below where I outline my plan as City Treasurer to support ALL of Chicago’s residents. Leveraging economic power across ALL of Chicago is the only way to solve Chicago’s fiscal challenges of rising taxes, growing debt and pension obligations once and for all.

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